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There’s a million 'branding' and online marketing firms out there, so how do you choose? Your foundational marketing pieces (brand identity, website, print and online marketing strategies) need to mesh and communicate your core message. At Fluent we’ll make sure your brand serves your needs and works hard to increase ROI.

Fluent works with private and public companies, schools, churches and other non-profits to create and maintain brands that serve as a catalyst for fresh, innovative strategies and communications.
We think of our team as your brand champions, considering the best interests of your stakeholders – collectively and as individuals. We strive to be strategic, collaborative and reliable – looking to create lasting value for each client through a mutually beneficial working relationship.

We seek to listen and understand the needs of our clients and the marketplace, building a lasting trust that goes beyond the bottom line. We also live and breath in creative space, not for creativity’s sake alone, but to produce the best possible results for each individual goal and objective – moving beyond the ‘status-quo’ and into the realm of ‘memorable’ communication.



At Fluent, we believe that all good branding starts with good relationships. We encourage an open forum for discussion and a friendly agency experience. A good working relationship fosters the open sharing of information, co-ownership of the strategy building process and creativity that allows both parties and brands to shine.

Strategic Insight:

Fluent prides itself on understanding the current trends and insights into the evolving consumer mind-set that allows us to empower our partner’s brands to communicate in evocative and relevant ways. In doing so, we allow their brands to demand more attention (and buy-in) and a striving for higher levels of excellence in communicating consistent messaging.

EPOC Branding:

Fluent works with companies and non-profit organizations using an approach we affectionately refer to as EPOC Branding (Every Point of Contact) . It is both a system and a belief. It is based on the premise that in order to build a powerful and evocative brand and leverage a limited resource base, you have to empower your brand to take advantage of the multiple ways that people experience and interact with it.

Our design team has a century of experience under our collective belts. From Annual Corporate reports and magazine ads to billboard and business card design, Fluent has you covered. We can give you complete turn-key branding and design packages to increase your bottom line. Our expertise includes:

  • Thoughtful Branding
  • Engaging Copywriting (online/offline)
  • Effective Web Design
  • Eye-popping Print Design
  • Custom Online Apps
  • Effective Online marketing strategies
  • Professional Video Production

Our team loves working with clients to discover and craft relevant brand stories that build value into the lives of the people who access the products and services on offer. We don't simply parachute in for some bad-aid solutions, but rather, work hard at building long-term partnerships with customers to bring lasting value and trust.