Video Production

Fluent Brand Motion is the video production division of Fluent. We create professional and relevant high definition video content for businesses and online video to create better SEO and user engagement. Our diverse and talented creative team allows us to cover every aspect of your project from scriptwriting to editing. When you choose Fluent Brand Motion, you choose a full video production package which includes:


We create your project from scratch, and work alongside you in the writing process in order to tailor your video to your specific needs. The more pre-production planning takes place, the better the video.


Good direction is essential in order to ensure a video project is on track with the purpose and vision set out from the beginning. We provide such direction for all of our projects.


The piecing together of the story or message of a video takes place in the editing room. By working from the script, a carefully planned outline of the video, our editors have a full understanding of what the client’s needs are and are able to put together the story of the video just the way it was written.

Motion graphics

Video is greatly aided by visual effects. Duh. We build quality motion graphic intros and outtros as well as lower thirds and other creative moving graphics to catch the attention and keep the eye of the audience.

Voice overs

Having the right voice to represent your company can make all the difference. We can match one that fits perfectly with what you want to say as a business.

Music tracks

A music track keeps the video in motion. It can provide the perfect feel for your video. Music also makes a video much more entertaining.

Audio mixing

Having quality audio is extremely important in a video production. The video may be blurry and discoloured; viewers are willing to forgive that somewhat, but if the audio is bad, it is automatically a bad video.

Animation (optional)

Animation can be a powerful tool to communicate information and concepts to your customers and clients.

Timelapse Video + Photography (optional)

Adding a timelapse to your video can get a point across to the viewer but it’s mostly just really cool. In fact, all the cool kids are doing it. You should too.

Aerial Videography (optional)

As Fluent Brand Motion is affiliated with Hawkeye Heli Video, we can help your video impress viewers, not just inform them. Using state-of-the-Art camera and remote UAV technology, we are able to film compelling angles and scenes from ground level to over 500 feet in elevation. Let us show you how we can make your visions become reality with industry-leading filming and production. For beautiful turn-key video productions that will help tell your stories like never before, look no further than Fluent and Hawkeye Heli Video.

All of these elements together assure you a quality finished product. Whatever your project needs may be, Fluent Brand Motion has you covered.

Don’t need video? Think again.

You may think your business doesn’t need video. People know the services and products you provide by reading on your website right? This may be true, but studies show that video is becoming a more prevalent and powerful medium of communication than simple text. If a picture is worth a thousand words imagine what a video is worth. Consider this. If there are 30 frames (pictures) per second of video, a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words. People are less willing to read a page on a website than just watching a thirty second video.

Your business website will be more effective if you have a video because:

  • Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google purchased YouTube - the second most accessed search engine behind Google. Google and YouTube are becoming more intertwined all the time. Google likes YouTube. If you want eyeballs on your website web videos are a must.
  • Video is dynamic and interactive while text is static
  • We live in a media-hungry society. Give them what they want, and they’ll return the favor.
  • Video catches the attention of a visitor and keeps it for longer
  • Research indicates that If a video is readily available on your homepage, visitors will stay two minutes longer than average. Also, E-Commerce websites see an average of 40% more sales of products that have videos.
  • Video Diversifies content. Having a mixture of medias on your website shows visitors that you are keeping up to date.
  • Videos are easily shareable through social media and spread easier on the internet.

A successful web video is:

  • Well produced - Viewer interest decreases dramatically when quality is low.
  • Easy to listen to. Sound is particularly important. Poor sound quality is the dagger in the heart of good video. If you don't get good audio you lose your ability to tell the story.
  • Current. Video that looks outdated is outdated.
  • Entertaining - The attention span of viewers is short, so make it interesting, and keep it moving.
  • Short - A video over two minutes has a small chance of being watched all the way through.